Hushabye Lullabye | CBeebies

Client: Mara Media

Running Time: 10*3mins

Join Dillie Dally and the Hushabye Rocket as they take flight on a musical journey full of lullabies and cuddles to Planet Dream.

Over a period of a year - I collaborated with the director Sacha Kyle creating the songs for these beautiful Cbeebies animations drawn by Scottish animation house 'One Were Famers' - now part of 'Wild Child Animation' produced by Simon Parsons for Mara Media (Mara Kids)  We never aimed to create 'Kids Music' but simply beautiful heartfelt songs that weren't going to grate after countless repeats so can happen with kids TV.  It was a very creative process with the music informing the lyrics and the other way round and when Emma Gillespie added her stunning vocal rendition, we knew we had something special on our hands - Currently it is playing on player.