The Brilliant World of Tom Gates | Sky Kids

Client: Wild Child Animation, Black Camel

Running Time: 20*10mins

I was honoured to score the soundtrack to this exciting new series for Sky.  The Tom Gates books are beloved by young and old around the world and so when I was asked to do the music, it was delighted, my daughters have all the books so I was ready and primed!  Working with Mark Flattery's superb songs and main theme,  I created all the underscores and themes for the different sections.  The challenge was to try and avoid the kids music' cliche, keeping the vibe fairly laid back and appealing to the parents as well as the kids.  its got that retro rock and roll vibe but with fresh and modern at the same time.  The animated comedy timing and excellent voice acting was a gift and the super creative and generous direction from George Sawyer and the wonderful supportive community spirit of Wild Chid Animation, despite the challanges of the lock downs meant it was a real pleasure and I relished every episode as they came in from the edit!